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The Property Academy's Fundamentals Course will get you started immediately on your property investing journey. Andrew's practical course is aimed at new investors, but even if you already have a portfolio, you might not have made the right investment decisions. Over 12 weeks Andrew will take you through all the fundamentals of property investment, including insightful interviews with Power Team experts, as well as real world examples, demonstrations and inspections.


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Course Content

The first week is all about your MINDSET! If your mindset is right, you can achieve anything you set out to accomplish. Andrew shares his proven 7-Step Process and begins the Fundamentals of Property Investment.

Setting GOALS is the key to ensuring you move in the right direction and don't waste your energy on the wrong things.

In Week 2, you start setting your SMART goals. 

SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. A SMART goal focusses your efforts and increases the chances of success.

Introduction to CASH STRATEGIES

There are many ways to earn lump sums of cash from just one property transaction:

  1. B-R-S (buy, renovate and sell) 
  2. Forced appreciation
  3. Simultaneous transfer
  4. Seller finance

We delve into the specifics of each strategy and look at the pros and cons for each.

Week 3 also includes details on REFURBS because, as Andrew says, "Prevention is better than the cure.”

Week 4 is all about CASH FLOW.

Cash flow is crucial to everyone's survival, and from an investor's perspective - cashflow is king!

When vetting an investment, various factors influence the cash flow, and in this module we look at:

  • Sustainability
  • Affordability
  • The Basics of Buy to Let
  • Multi-Lets & Students
  • Other cash flow strategies

We'll also introduce you to how to vet and manage tenants.

What AREA should I invest in?

This is the millionaire Rand question, and to succeed in property investing, you need to become an area expert.

We equip you with all the right tools and tricks to enable you to know your area like an estate agent or letting agent.


In this module we show you the tools to save you time and money. You want to find great deals, curb the risk, and maximise your return on investment.


This is the difference between professional and amateur investors. In this module Andrew shares 4 keys to ensuring you’ve bought the right deal.

This is a technical week where you get acquainted with RUNNING THE NUMBERS and start learning about structures and tax.


The biggest excuse amateur property investors make is saying they don’t have money to invest in a deal. Professional property investors know how to leverage Other People’s Money (OPM), which makes finding the money the easy part. We have a saying in the property world – find the deal and the money will come.

Week 10 teaches you how to secure the right deals by having the right OFFER TO PURCHASE (OTP) and conveyancing attorney in place.

In Week 11 you learn how to put your POWER TEAM in place - the key people that will make you successful in property. After all, property is a team game!

To step up to being a true professional, we'll teach you how to MAKE PROPERTY INVESTING A BUSINESS.
Week 12 pulls it all together and sets you on your new path to creating personal wealth through property.


Full course access for a year


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