"I used to run my business which kept me very busy, but with Andrew Walker as my property coach, I was able to close it and pursue property investment full-time. I've done multiple property deals and one even being a development. On my way to financial freedom. Thank you!!!"

Mike van Jaarsveld
Professional Property Investor

"I felt accountable to Andrew to take action on whatever we’d committed to do in our coaching sessions. We had confidence in our decisions because we had a coach to bounce things off. We would never have done this without the support of a coach."

Pamela Van Jaarsveld

"I got to see things from a totally new angle. Thank you for all the support, education, assistance and drive. I am forever grateful."

Johnny to wealthy

"Having a real person to be accountable to and walk a journey with was so valuable. Thanks Andrew! Your patience and positive attitude are great assets!"

Frederick & Nicci Malleson

"It makes such a difference when your coach has gone through the feelings you are going through and can encourage and motivate you through the tough times. I also really appreciate Andrew’s selfless nature. He is always looking to help people in whichever way he can, not only in property, but in business and personal. "

Laurens Boel
Investor, Serial Entrepreneur & Author

"Everything we learned we were able to go back home and implement it and see the results from taking action. So much so, that we bought our first property within the first 3 sessions of our coaching."

Merle Faku

"Andrew is an extremely resourceful and experienced property investor especially in the field of renovations. He introduced us to the correct people to grow our network and power team. Thank you for a great property journey Andrew! "

Greg & Sue Ash

"The support and motivation has been fantastic, there is a constant push to get things done, and Andrew has been very patient."

Charlie Paget

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