Andrew Walker

Andrew is the founder of SA Property Investors Network - connecting, educating and motivating a growing number of over 50,000 stakeholders in the property industry. Since the first property he bought at the age of 21, Andrew has personally invested in more than 50 properties across South Africa and the UK. His portfolio today includes buy-to-lets, multiple occupations, lease options, land, capital flips and residential developments.

Andrew believes education and mentorship can empower anyone to make something from nothing.

Instrumental to his own growth was the 8 years he spent in the UK,  spent time under the mentorship of UK property investment gurus,  Matthew Sneddon and Harry Barclay. It was during this time that he learned how to apply various finance strategies, which allows him to buy properties without necessarily using his own capital - insights he happily shares with his students.

A proud father and husband, Andrew puts great emphasise on a healthy work-life balance and always dedicates quality time to his family. It’s a principal he instils in his students, because enjoying the fruits of your labour is, after all, the purpose of being your own property boss.

Andrew is an incredible investor because he has weathered 2 recessions, been involved in over 600 property transactions, successfully coached and trained thousands of South African investors and has played almost every property role you could think of. He’s been an estate agent, project manager, sourcing agent and he’s built a successful international letting agency, which has been in operation since 2008.

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"I used to run my business which kept me very busy all the time, but with Andrew Walker as my property coach, I was able to close it and pursue property investment full-time. I've done multiple property deals and one even being a development. On my way to financial freedom. Thank you!!! "

Mike van Jaarsveld
Professional Property Investor

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